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Clairtangent Readings and Booking

Henna Hand with Art

Description: I tune into the energy in your body to clear blocked chakras and share connections between your conscious, subconscious, past life, mental, emotional, physical, and other aspects for healing. All sessions are remote. Please schedule readings at times that allow you to be alone for a little while afterward to process the information and ground it into your body.

Duration: Readings are 60 minutes.


Price: Readings are $200, and payment is due when the session is booked.

Book a Reading


1 hr




"My reading with Eboni was very affirming. She told me the same thing my therapist told me."

"I didn't know what to expect in a clairtangent reading. I was shocked by the details Eboni knew; it was one of the best experiences ever."


"To be completely honest I was not expecting much from the session because I've tried a few remote energy  sessions in my time and if I'm  emotionally and spiritually in a pretty stable space I don't feel much shift happening. Well, this was the complete opposite. I am in a stable  emotional and spiritual space and I felt multiple shifts BEYOND my expectations. Eboni is truly gifted at what she does. She was able to pinpoint past energies I still held in my system and help free them for me to be even more expanded. While the details are quite personal, what I can tell you is that they were very spot on and unexpected for her to bring up. I felt energy moving around my body for the rest of the day. Highly recommend it..." 


"I am most taken aback by the details Eboni picked up about me just from her gentle presence and touch. She inspired me to look more within and enlivened that dormant part of me to hone my relationship within myself."


"Eboni’s gift is beyond words. She is a master of her work because it’s so clear it comes from her heart. Within the first 3 minutes, I was flabbergasted at how she could translate sensations into detailed descriptions of my present, past, future, relationships, energy, you name it! Things I had been struggling with for years but couldn’t figure out why."


"Eboni communicates directly with your chakras and has been able to give me clarity with internal conflicts. Her sessions are therapeutic to your soul."


"My session was a wonderful experience and she provided important insight, compassion and encouragement! Eboni communicated effectively, listened to my concerns and explained everything she was doing so thoroughly and with so much compassion and love. I felt so safe and understood. I appreciate her knowledge, expertise and gentle approach to helping us all heal and remember that we all deserve to live our best lives!"


"Thank you so much for the session today. It was especially affirming for me. Your insights were extremely powerful. I look forward to revisiting the session later and gleaning further insights."


"I am so thankful for you. I felt seen. And I felt understood. And now I better understand myself. With all of this information, I walked away from our session feeling truly empowered. Truly. Thank you for this clarity! XO"


Working with Eboni was the holistic experience, I did't know I needed. I work in the healing community, and Eboni is clearly gifted and was able to identify specific things in my life that would bring massive changes.


Cancellation Policy

Cancellations accepted 24 hours before scheduled appointment with full refund. Cancellations within 24 hours will not be refunded.

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