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Hand Henna Art

Using the gift of clairtangency, I tune into the energy in your body using gentle touch to clear blocked chakras and heal the connections between your conscious, subconscious, past life, mental, emotional, and physical aspects. Sessions harmonize your entire being and support the spiritual progression of your life's journey. Sessions are available in-person and at a distance. 


"I didn't know what to expect in a clairtangent reading. I was shocked by the details Eboni knew; it was one of the best experiences ever."


"I am most taken aback by the details Eboni picked up about me just from her gentle presence and touch. She inspired me to look more within and enlivened that dormant part of me to hone my relationship within myself."


"Eboni’s gift is beyond words. She is a master of her work because it’s so clear it comes from her heart. Within the first 3 minutes, I was flabbergasted at how she could translate sensations into detailed descriptions of my present, past, future, relationships, energy, you name it! Things I had been struggling with for years but couldn’t figure out why."


"Eboni communicates directly with your chakras and has been able to give me clarity with internal conflicts. Her sessions are therapeutic to your soul."


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