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Painting began at the start of my healing journey. It was one of a few integral activities that helped still my mind to accept more space. The paintings below are from a series that I consider self-portraits. The mirror represents my distorted view of myself while living with trauma, and the lines represent the everlasting self that is my Spirit. Paintings are not for sale.

Rearranging Subconsciousness Artwork by Eboni Banks

rearranging subconsciousness

60" x 36"

acrylic, cotton, silicone, mirror

Enter Fearing Artwork by Eboni Banks

Enter Fearing

60" x 60"

acrylic, cotton, silicone, mirror, black glass, white glass

Coming into Alignment with Oshun Artwork by Eboni Banks

Coming into alignment with oshun

60" x 72"

acrylic, cotton, silicone, antique mirror

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